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Hamburg Wine Cellar, Germany

Detailed address:Hamburg Wine Cellar, Germany

Case date:In May 2018

Hamburg is one of the three major state cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen), the second largest city in Germany, the most important seaport and the largest foreign trade center in Germany, the second financial center in Germany, and the economic and cultural metropolis in northern Germany.Has the "world bridge city" laudatory name.Hamburg, an important transport hub in northern Germany, is one of Europe's richest cities and has become Germany's media and industrial manufacturing hub.Hamburg is the world's largest port, known as "Germany to the world door."Ocean liners from around the world will dock in Hamburg when they come to Germany.Hamburg is the second largest aircraft manufacturing area in the world after Seattle in the United States, producing Airbus aircraft.Most of Hamburg's industry is related to foreign trade.

Hamburg ranked 47th in the 15th (2018) Summer Tourism Destinations List, released in May 2018.